What is Freedom?

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

Most people live above their means and below their potential.  It doesn’t have to be that way, and it cannot stay that way.

Most folks understand the United States to be a free country, yet very few of us are truly free.  We’re told that we have freedom, we’re sold the dream of choice, but consider how many things we have to do.  If the majority of your day is spent doing what you were told to do and not what you choose to do, you might not be as free as you think.

How does one, unaware of their enslavement, search out freedom?

Freedom, like anything worth having, is not free.  It takes effort, awareness, and resources to unlock it and maintain it.  While it’s common to think of Freedom in the physical sense, the most prevalent prison is found in our minds.  It’s how we’re conditioned by society, parents, and school.  While truth may be sprinkled within, most of what we “know” is a hand-me-down from those that love us and others that couldn’t care less.

The Freedom Equation (Nature’s algorithm)

Money x Time x Identity

Money     You were told that money’s not everything.  Agreed.   Believing money isn’t important though is like believing oxygen isn’t important.  Neither one is everything, but try living without either one.  Of course, money cannot make you happy, but then again neither does being broke.  So you may choose happiness with or without money.  And if you believe money’s the root of all evil, you’ll never have any (and may want to read that bible verse again.)

Time     Of course you’re busy.  Busy doing what is the concern.  Given we all have the same twenty-four hours, you are either using yours in a way that serves you to reach your goals, or you’re wasting time.  Since time is life (neither one is renewable), then when we waste time, we waste life.  You will spend your time creating the life you desire, or you will end up spending a lot of time dealing with the life you don’t.

Identity     We always get in life that which we feel we deserve.  Therefore, health, wealth, and success is the effect of a cause, not the cause itself.  If we can understand this concept, we can begin to focus on the right things in order to get the right results.  It will require us to learn, grow, raise our identity, and expect success to become the person worthy of all that we desire.

What if you were born for greatness but conditioned for mediocrity at best?

If you had the opportunity to take the red pill, remove the blindfold, upgrade your mind’s software, would you?

Let’s go then.

About Josh

Josh Zepess is a corporate America escapee who was blessed with the ultimate wake-up call.

After twenty years in a career as a former engineer and gym owner, he became keenly aware of the lack of true Freedom in our free society and felt the calling to build a platform to help people understand and achieve the Freedom that we are killing ourselves to obtain.

Knowing that we will all win together or lose together in life, his teachings are designed to bring us back to our youth where winning was natural and even the sky wasn’t the limit. Where we don’t need to develop the ability to win, rather to remember how to win again. Where it is more profitable and fulfilling to build each other long-term than to fight each other incessantly for the short-term illusion of success.

He is based in Orlando, FL, but continues to spread his passions on the international stage through speaking out, publishing often, and teaching many. His legacy will be a new societal system for growth and accomplishment and undeniable Freedom.



"Waking up never felt so good"

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