Monday Mindwash

Sowing the Reaper

As you drive to work tomorrow, take a look around you.  You’ll probably see what I saw for 20 years as I was climbing the corporate ladder - you know, the one that was leaning on the wrong wall.  Frowns on faces, cars creeping along, dread in the eyes, and of course a...

Unfairy Tale

In the wealthiest country in the world, there shouldn’t be a lot of struggle.  You would expect that life would be pretty darn good for everyone. And for the most part it is.  Sure, we have our first-world problems like not being able to get Wifi at our favorite $5...

Participation Trophies

In our third generation since any real widespread adversity in our country, we find ourselves in a very comfortable spot.  Not only are we comfortable, but we strive to make our kids and grandkids just as comfortable. So much so that many have come to see competition...



"Waking up never felt so good"

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Who Farted? How not to stink at being likeable

There are a host of skills that are important  in having a successful business and life. With endless resources on how to close, how to prospect, the 1-minute work year,  and how to get more done while sleeping, it has always been my experience that I do business with...

Achieving Goals (briefly)

There are a few key steps to goal achieving, each with a few key details. I’ll share them below but realize you are asking a huge question. Not to get Zen on you, some of this cannot be taught, it must be caught. This should at least get you started. Set the goal Most...

What’s the best way to find a mentor?

Successful people love to share their success. Seeing other people win in life is the greatest joy to mentoring. Since most mentors have been mentees at some point, it feels great to give back, not to mention the immense benefits to the mentor that come from sharing...

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